Totally Resolved

Chanel Perfume Purse 2014


Happy Belated New Year Everyone! Whether you were celebrating your success in 2013 or the fresh start that 2014 will give you; I hope you wore a fabulous sparkle frock, had too much champagne and kissed someone you love. I was lucky enough to do all three. I rang in the New Year wearing a BCBG gold number, kissed the love of my life, and danced the night away with friends and family. After the confetti had settled, the Rose Parade had played its 6th re-run and everyone’s hangovers faded, it was only natural to reflect on the past year. So, in true cliche New Years fashion, I decided to make a few resolutions. Unlike years past I wanted these resolutions to be attainable, realistic, and hopefully cause a positive change in my life.

These are my top three resolutions for 2014:

Fist and Foremost: To Be Kinder To Myself. I am very hard on myself when it comes to work, working out, eating, being creative, you name it. This is probably a result of unrealistic resolutions from years past, combined with an obsession for success. It’s important to evaluate progress and strive for perfection, but not at the expense of happiness.

Second: Stop Being Jealous. I hate being jealous, but in a world of “likes” and “followers” its easy to start comparing and feeling less than. I have to remember that everyone’s journey is different, and that mine is important too. I plan to invest my time into projects I truly enjoy, so that I won’t be distracted by the Big Green Monster in 2014.

Third: Value Style Not Fashion. I work in the fashion industry and it’s hard to not want every new thing I see. (That Chanel perfume purse, pictured above, is totally on my radar.) However, I have found, the most stylish people mix brands, price points, and aren’t buying into every trend. This year, I hope to develop my personal style so that it is effortless and chic.

It is my hope that these three changes will benefit my wellness, happiness and productivity. In the end our resolutions may never be totally resolved, but if they were life would be boring. (And who wants that?) What are your resolutions for 2014, and how do you plan on keeping them?



Chloe and Isabel Fall Preview

Sunset on the Sein

Some of you might not know, but I am a jewelry Merchandiser for Chloe+Isabel. I love what I do, and one of my favorite parts about working for C+I is finding out what jewelry is in the newest collection. I can’t wait to see what the Fall’13 collection looks like, and this beautiful little teaser is off to a great start! I was so excited when I heard that the collection is inspired by Paris. I lived in Paris for a Summer, and absolutely fell in love. I’m not the only one who is enamored with the “City of Lights” though; Cartier recently unveiled it’s amazing new, Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection. I’m curious to see if our collections will have any similarities in color or construction. However, Paris is a fabulous city that can provide endless inspiration, and endless directions for creative minds, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are nothing alike, yet equally beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing what parts of Paris will be highlighted, and what direction C+I will take. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the early September Launch, and you’ll be the first to know! In the meantime, check out my online boutique and email me at if you’d like to set up an online pop up this August!

All The BUZZ

All The BUZZ

This Summer the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the stylists are buzzing over honeycomb. The intricate hexagons can be seen in home styling, fashion, jewelry and more. I love how delicate and realistic the gold honeycomb jewelry looks. The geometric pattern is beautiful, and the added gems make these pieces playful and yummy. Jewelry is the perfect way to try out a trend without having to sacrifice your wardrobe, and with Chloe+Isabel you won’t have to sacrifice your wallet either.

What Not to Wear

As a recent graduate I am in the midst of finding a “real” job and let’s be honest,  it’s about as fun as a trip to the dentist. I can’t stand how online applications are so impersonal and so focused on keywords instead of key people. After months of juggling internships and applying I am finally getting enough response to make me think, “Oh my gosh! What would I wear to an interview?!” For my past interviews I wore a trendy Zara blazer, wax coat skinnys and low leopard pumps. It was understated, classy  and I landed the job. Unfortunately, I don’t think that outfit would be appreciated in front of every HR rep, so I had to go back to the closet. What I found was surprising  and slightly disappointing.  If Stacey London and Clinton Kelly had been there with me, they would’ve presented me with a check for $5,000 and sent me shopping with a list of rules describing what I should and should not buy. Turns out after 23 years of picking out special items that I love, I have completely forgotten to invest in nice business basics. Despite my overflowing drawers of everyday skinnys, trendy tops, work out clothes, formal wear, and costumes, I couldn’t piece together a tasteful business outfit if my life or my job depended on it. It was pretty obvious that I needed to remede this problem before my first interview and ASAP. So, I headed to the nearest mall with the gusto of a doomsday prepper that forgot to stock up on water, batteries and toilet paper. Now you may find it hard to believe that a fashion enthusiast like yours truly would be underwhelmed during this shopping adventure, but let’s be honest I wasn’t trying on anything that seemed fashion forward or fun. My biggest dilemma was deciding between black and navy trousers (which I didn’t decide; I just got both). It’s a good thing I wasn’t on WNTW because as I stared back at myself in pencil skirts and collared blouses I felt my identity slipping from me and turning me into the Roomba woman with the tight bun. It wasn’t until I was mixing my practical skirts and pants with different heels, flats, belts, tops, and sweaters that I finally drank the cool aid. Okay, business interview attire isn’t my favorite look, but the pieces I bought fit well, are classic and I’ll be able to incorporate them into my wardrobe for ages. Something about that felt so French, and so right.



If you look in your closet and find your missing these classic pieces too, head over to Banana Republic like I did, where the staff is super helpful and honest about fit and functionality.  Plus there are plenty of cute things to help spruce up the practical bits. Happy Shopping!


Tassel Necklaces!

Ever since the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013 runway show, tassels have left home decorating, and arrived on the fashion scene. I love the simplicity, and movement that the tassel makes when walking. The tassel necklace is versatile and can be worn casually or dressed up. For a casual look I would pair the tassel necklace with a simple t-shirt, and fun shorts. For a more sophisticated look try skinny jeans, heels, a flowy blouse and the tassel necklace. Finally, the long tassel necklace will look glamorous and sophisticated worn backwards with a low back top or dress. I love the way this necklace can be worn in so many ways, and can’t wait to add it to my jewelry box!


Tassel Necklaces!

The Devil Still Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway
The Devil Wears Prada,  Anne Hathaway
The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep
The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep

I was craving a little fashion eye candy, so I recently bought  The Devil Wears Prada on iTunes. I am always inspired by stylist Patricia Field’s work, and this movie is no exception. Even though The Devil Wears Prada was released in 2006, the fashion is still inspiring, innovative and current. I adore the montage when Andy Sacks (Anne Hathaway) finally dresses to her potential, and is seen in over six coats on her way to work. Although the clothes speak for themselves,  Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, give the story more depth than just a closet. If you haven’t read the novel by Lauren Weisberger I suggest you take it to the pool/beach this summer. Otherwise you can watch the movie, drool over the fashion, and get inspired to walk in some stylish threads.

Farewell Sweet Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer Herself
Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau 1931-2013

Yesterday, was a sad day for fashion when ‘Queen of Prep’, Lilly Pulitzer passed away. Her name is and always will be synonymous with the bright, fun, preppy, prints she is famous for. What most people don’t know is that her fashion success was accidental. Lilly’s first business endeavor was with juice instead of fashion.  Her husband Peter owned a few citrus groves in Florida, and she decided to set up a juice stand in Palm Beach. While working at the stand, she found her clothes constantly stained and ruined by juice. As a result Lilly made her smartest career move; making a simple shift dress in a tropical print. The popularity of the dress was instantaneous and she began selling the newly dubbed, “Lillys” at the juice stand. It soon became evident that she could squeeze more money out of “Lillys” than oranges, so in 1959 she founded Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. A few years later, fellow high school classmate, Jackie O wore a “Lilly” on the cover of LIFE in 1962, and everyone had to have one. Lilly Pulitzer became the hot new trend in fashion, and has been a success ever since. Her story, and her prints have become my perfect spring into summer inspiration. These Lilly Pulitzer Pashminas are the epitome of a summer scarf, and would be a fun and colorful way to brighten a simple outfit. Check out Lilly Pulitzer to learn more about this amazing fashion icon, and get walking in her threads!

Lilly Pulitzer Pashminas
Lilly Pulitzer Pashminas