New Year New Gear


Walking Thread Wishes You A Happy New Year!
Happy 2013!!!

Well it’s been two weeks since we all counted down, watched the ball drop, and kissed our loved ones. And in keeping with the tradition of New Year resolutions, I’ve made my own. It is a confession really; and you might have guessed it. This year it is just me, and not we. However, I feel liberated and can not wait for the fabulous trends and styles to unfold on “Walking Thread”. This year hopes to be more inspirational, filled with life, love, and fashion. My resolution is to provide a more diverse outlook on fashion, which is interesting and engaging, and (fingers crossed) get more content up on a regular basis. In addition, I have personally resolved to wear more jewelry and clothing that I already have, and get creative! I also want to embrace new trends, but remain true to my own style. What are some of your fashion resolutions? Whatever you have set out for 2013 I’m sure it will positively impact your life! Cheers to a New Year darling, it’s going to be great!


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