Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens

Kele Winter 2013
Kele Winter 2013

Does the cold, stark Winter have you down? Then take a look at Hungarian fashion label, Kele, and you’ll see, “a few of our favorite things!” It could be the influence of nature and good tailoring, in Kele’s warm cozy knits, which bring to mind the comfort of the “Sound of Music,” but we are embracing the cold and playing in the snow, in these sweet threads. We have added Kele to our Christmas list because, we admire designer Ildikó Kele for her design aesthetic and love for nature, and couldn’t think of a better budding label to support. Our love for underground labels and classic cuts have finally been woven into one and we know by springtime this brand will be in full blossom. So cozy up with Kele this Winter, “and then you won’t feel so bad!”  

KELE AW 12/13 from Kele Clothing on Vimeo.


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