Bravo Fabio

Fabio Costa 2013

After 10 seasons we thought that Project Runway would be a bit redundant. Fortunately season 10 brought brilliant and creative innovators to light. The finale showcased Christopher, Melissa, Dmitry and Fabio’s collections, and it did not disappoint. Dmitry won, and we loved his looks, but in our hearts we had a soft spot for Fabio Costa’s soft pastel collection. His collection showcased layers of light etherial fabrics. Sheer organza tops, with bright pastel bralets and layered silken vests and robes floated down the runway and into our hearts. We want it all; from the layered pants and skirts, to the chunky Jeffrey Campbells with wacky lacing. So we say to you Fabio Costa, “Bravo!” We know you will go far, and we can’t wait to walk in your threads!


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