An Atelier Dream

Versace Spring 2013

It is fitting that Versace’s collection is named after the French word for ‘workshop’ because the garments are all hand made in house. We snuck in to catch a glimpse and can’t stop day-dreaming about wearing ‘Atelier’. What we found was an etherial parade of cascading floor length and cocktail gowns of light organza and silk.  Concentrated pastel blues, purples, greens and mesmerizing patterns, further swept us from reality. Versace’s ‘Atelier’ collection is made specially for celebrity sirens like Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, who get to live the dream, and wear ours. However, we couldn’t think of anyone better than a Hollywood goddess, whose personality matches the edgy sophistication of ‘Atelier’, to wear the garments.


One thought on “An Atelier Dream

  1. bryanneelaine

    !!!!! Fall only just arrived and I’m already anxious for spring! I can’t wait to break out my pastels and chiffon!

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